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Welcome to North 1x2! On our website, we focus on the most exciting aspect of our existence — traveling the world. Our pages are full of fantastic destinations, hidden gems, travel tips, and recommendations. Once you start reading, you’ll feel how contagious adventures are!

Firstly, it’s because we actually put effort into researching and double-checking the topics we’re covering. But most importantly, we are a couple of avid travelers, nature lovers, and explorers who constantly seek new challenges and adventures — and are striving to share them with others! All the materials we create are first-hand experiences.

We believe that it’s never too late to explore something new. Our mission is to inspire others to live their life to the fullest and cross off as many items from their bucket list as possible. After all, we only have one life, and it would be a shame not to make the most of it!

Mexico, Oaxaca: Food and Female Empowerment

Oaxaca Mexico - female empowerment

The experience in Oaxaca (Mexico) is still fresh in my mind. My first trip away from my daughter was stressful. I felt guilty and anxious. Is it okay to travel again? Did I deserve it? Does it still matter to me that the world is important when I have a greater part of my heart at home? Each second …

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Can People Live In Greenland

Tourist watch glacier in water in Greenland

Greenland may be viewed as an empty, bare island covered with ice and snow and indented by lacy fjords. This image is far from reality. What else do you know about this country? What is its location? How big is it? Do people live in Greenland or not? Greenland: Where are you? We need to first …

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What are the Major Montenegro Cities

Montenegro Flag

Podgorica, the capital and the largest city in Montenegro, is located at the confluence the Ribnica-Moraca rivers. Montenegro is located in Southern Europe and borders Serbia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a population density 45 people per square kilometer, the country’s population is approximately 621,000. These are Montenegro’s largest cities. Four Biggest Cities in Montenegro Podgorica – …

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You Must See 10 Cave Hotels in Greece

View of the bay at Symi island

There are many accommodations options in Greece, from charming B&Bs to authentic farm stays to luxurious beach resorts to cave hotels. You’re in the right place if you are looking for cave hotels to stay at in Greece. This blog will provide information about the top Greek cave hotels. This is our entire selection of amazing accommodations, …

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Canadian Stereotypes

beautiful campsite mountains with rv wooden bench scaled

There seem to be many stereotypes about Canada. Even the most experienced travelers aren’t sure much about Canada. When people ask us about Canada, the topic of health care is often brought up. People often ask us about our identity and how we speak. We thought it would be a good idea to dispel any misconceptions we have …

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About Us

You’re probably wondering why that website name is so weird. Well, there is a story behind it, and it’s quite personal (but you also may consider it lame, no grudges). The word “couple” used earlier wasn’t accidental — we’re an actual couple from British Columbia (hence the North in the name) who decided to share a lifelong journey between the two of us. 

We’re not telling you this to bore you to death but to let you know that we perfectly understand the nuances of traveling as a couple. ;)

Traveling changes people for the better and makes them more tolerant and open-minded. That’s why our website is not only about the places we visit but also about the local cultures and traditions. We want to show our readers that the world is a unique and diverse place, and there’s so much to learn from other cultures.

We also believe that responsible tourism is very important, which is why we always try to find ways that will allow us to minimize our negative impact on the environment and local communities — and we’ll be glad to share some of these tips with you!

Hopefully, our little story inspired you to start planning your own adventure. And if not, just keep browsing — there is definitely a corner of this world that will blow your mind!