When Can a Baby Travel by Car

male toddler standing on driver's seat of a car

When it comes to travelling by car with a baby, safety is a top concern for parents. While it may be tempting to hit the road as soon as your little one arrives, it is important to understand the guidelines for when a baby can safely travel by car. Whether you are planning a long …

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Can People Live In Greenland

Tourist watch glacier in water in Greenland

Greenland may be viewed as an empty, bare island covered with ice and snow that is indented by lacy fjords. However, this image tells only a part of the story. What else do you know about this country? Do you know its location or how big it is? Here, we aim to tell you the …

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Canadian Stereotypes

beautiful campsite mountains with rv wooden bench scaled

There seem to be many stereotypes about Canada. But even the most experienced travelers aren’t sure how many of them are actually true. When people ask us about Canada, the topic of healthcare is often brought up. Other times, people ask us about our identity and how we speak. We thought it would be a …

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